Acceptance in mindfulness

In rapidly changing times as we are now facing the importance of acceptance is greater than ever.

Acceptance is an important concept in mindfulness and emphasises the concepts of living in the moment and practicing the being mode of living. We must accept that events happen outside our control and that everything that has happened has brought us to where we are now, this moment. We cannot change the past so there is no point in dwelling on “what ifs” and “if onlys”, however if we acknowledge where we are right now, we can develop and understanding of how we got here. 

With an understanding of how we arrived at where are right now, we can see more clearly what we need to do make the most out of our lives. There will be past events and actions that we are unhappy with which we can accept, leave them in the past and use them as reminders to guide our future actions, or we can dwell on them and fill our mind with regrets and allow our inner critic to use them as evidence of our inadequacy. The latter approach means that we will have a tendency to be depressed, to have low self-esteem and to be unable to see a way forward to time when we will be happy and content. Acceptance is a much healthier approach and clears the way to making better decisions.

When we accept where we are can understand that there are an infinite number of external factors influencing where are at this moment. Just like the past we cannot change these factors and it is better to accept them and not dwell and ruminate on them. 

With acceptance we consign the past to the past, we savour the moment of infinite possibilities that we are in and move to the next moment unrestrained by negative thoughts and regrets, we develop a curiosity and give ourselves the opportunity to try something and to find out if it works for us or not. We accept that there are too many variables for us to control them all, we cannot change the world, but we can ensure that we can make the choices that lead to our own contentment. 

In this present time of rapid change, it is better to accept that we are where we are, we cannot change it. We can, however, view such times as opportunities to adapt, to learn new skills and approaches which will help us move towards our own individual goals and at the same time help others through the uncertainty. Don’t let bad past experiences of change and failure hold you back. Don’t be afraid to fail. It is only by trying something that we will find out if it works or not, and even if it does not work for us it may well work for someone else. Take time to breath, to sit quietly and just be and accept where you are now, this minute, that there is no other place that you could be and make the most of this unique moment of infinite possibilities.

Fleeting Moments

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