Mindfulness in the time of COVID19

Mindfulness is more important than ever in these changing times. The American army coined the term VUCA for situations that are;





The present situation certainly fits this description.

Uncertainty is perhaps the biggest challenge we face and it is this that sets up thought processes that can drag our mood down. We start asking ourselves questions beginning with what if…? These questions do not have an answer as the situation is ever changing, the parameters that need to be considered are not clear and we can feel helpless and unable to do anything. We revert to the doing mode of life, we listen to our inner critics telling us we are not in a position to do make changes, we try to protect ourselves with familiarity and hope we can get through the situation. But if we do not adapt and make changes the situation is likely to overwhelm us.

If we adopt the being mode of living, paying attention to what is happen around us we can identify what is helpful and what we can do differently to help us adapt to these changing times. We can recognise that we cannot change the world, but we can adapt to make the situation better for ourselves and in turn those around us. We must not be afraid to make changes, and must accept that not all of them will work, but if we do not make any changes, we will not learn what works and what does not. We must be prepared to “fail fast and carry on”. If we dwell on the what ifs we will fail, and the world will move on and we will have lost our place in it. To find our way in an unfamiliar world presents us more problems and difficulties, it is better to attempt to understand what is happening to us as individuals and adapting, reassessing and adapting again so we can make our way through these changing times. And when we get to the other side of this the world is not going to be the same, but by adapting we will be in a better position and mind set to find our place in it.

So be well, be curious, be prepared to adapt, be unafraid to fail, be open-minded.

Just be.

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