# Be kind

#Be Kind

The #Be Kind movement is gaining some momentum recently both in the veterinary profession and the wider community. 

Being kind to those around you and to yourself is a fundamental principle of mindfulness in the development of a non-judgemental outlook. 

Every one of us has their own, unique experiences in life which have created our values, behaviours and outlook on life. Nobody else knows what others have experienced in their past, all we can know is how we are interacting with them at any given time. Rather than making snap judgements regarding the behaviour of others it is better to accept it and when required make efforts to understand it. 

The same applies to our own values and behaviour. 

By developing awareness of our own values and behaviour, we develop an understanding of why we react in the way we do. This is the being way of living rather than the doing way of living. We can then understand what our needs are, be it rest, food, talking to others and we can then allow ourselves to obtain these needs, we can be kind to ourselves. 

By being kind to ourselves we place ourselves in a better condition to be kind to others. 

The practice of mindfulness involves a non-judgemental approach and getting the most from every minute of our lives by “being” rather than “doing” and goes a long way to help us to be kind to all around us. 

Being kind benefits everyone, give it a try.

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